Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Short Middle East Flights

I've been to Bahrain and Kuwait over the last 2 days. This picture sums both of them up quite well!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

February 07 Roster (Updated 28/01)

My roster for February:


Brisbane, My Favourite Shopping Destination

So many photos from my Brisbane trip. I worked with the best crew I've had so far. Everyone was really friendly and hard working which made the flights so much nicer. I opted to save my allowance in Singapore and change it into Australian dollars instead. This turned out to be a very good thing as I spent a fortune in the shops in Brisbane!
The hotel in Brisbane had a buffet which I managed to attend 3 times while I was there. They had a great chocolate fountain...
Which could get rather messy!
The hotel in Brisbane.
The view from my room.
The pool was just below my room. Well, 15 floors anyway.
Another vantage point from the room.
I had my favourite fast food while I was there. A hot Red Rooster chicken roll!

On our first night in Australia we decided to go out for a BBQ.
We had a really good evening drinking and eating by the river.
My flatmate Aaron and his friend James who came to stay with us. James is a singer and he's releasing an album in the UK soon. Look out for it!
My flatmate Aaron was also on the trip with me.

Me, Aaron and our Purser, Catherine, who is from South Africa.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bangkok, Sydney And Auckland

I really enjoyed this trip as my crew was fantastic. I met one of my old friends from bmi in Bangkok. We had a great night out in some dodgy Thai bars. Next it was off to Sydney for the 1st time. It was totally different to what I was expecting. I didn't do any of the touristy things, instead I saw my brother Matthew. He's in the Navy and is based in Sydney when his ship isn't sailing. I also got to meet his girlfriend for the first time. The Auckland flight was really quick and the passengers were a lot of fun. On my return to Bangkok I had a Thai massage. It felt like the lady was breaking every bone in my back! I had a great sleep afterwards though. Now I've just got time to dry clean my uniform and it's off to Brisbane.Me with Matt's pet rat.
Bangkok from the expressway to the airport.
Bangkok's newly opened (3 months) Suvarnabhumi airport.
Yuwaphan (Thailand), Sally (Lebanon) and Tracy (England) waiting in the departure lounge in Sydney for our flight to Auckland. You can also see Rachel (England) in the background.
The obligatory Harbour Bridge and Opera House shot.

My brother Matt.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

And I Said My Last London Flight Was Bad.....

It's the day after getting back from my last London trip and I've only just recovered. The trip started out really well. Good flight to London, great crew and I got to see my friends for the night. It's on the return flight where it all happened. The 1st meal service was fine. I even had enough chicken and fish to be able to offer every passenger a choice rather than running out of one half way down the cabin. Myself and a few of the crew had noticed a passenger behaving strangely so we kept an eye on him. After about 20 minutes he wrapped his blanket around his head like a turban and started walking up and down the cabin. It was at this point we realised he was drunk. We sat him down and the SFS had a quiet word with him. 10 minutes later he came to the rear galley and asked for a beer. Obviously we refused. The guy got really annoyed and started screaming abuse at us. The only thing we can do in this situation is calm the guy down which we tried to do. On the way back to his seat he smashed one of the seatback TVs. This is the point where we have to restrain the passenger. Myself and the other 3 male crew met in the back galley. We also had to choose 2 big male passengers to help us. We briefed on what each one of us would do and then removed any clothing that the passenger could grab (eg tie). My 1st job was to sneak the passengers out of the row behind him which I managed to do very quietly. Next we all got into position. One of the crew members has to stand in front of the passenger and talk quietly so they lean forward. It was at this point we stormed. The situation was dealt with very well and we had the passenger in handcuffs with his seatbelt on in under a minute. When we arrived at Dubai the police came onboard and removed him. It was a very long flight!I flew to London on our newest aircraft A6-EBW. The aircraft has a CRC (Crew Rest Compartment), which means there are bunks upstairs for the crew. This picture shows the stairs from the cabin leading up to the CRC.
The emergency equipment in the CRC.
The CRC aisle. The passengers are sat below this.
Tanja (Australia), Me and Eleanor (Ireland) on a bunk.
Tanja, Justin (Armenia) and Eleanor in the CRC.
The passengers on EK001 from Dubai - London Heathrow.
The view of Iran from 39,000ft.
Anmol (India) pretending to read her manual to Soo (South Korea)

Alex, Nat and Chris playing Singstar.