Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Many New Yorks, So Much Fun!

A few photos of the amazing time I've had in New York over the last 4 months.
Jamie (Australia) and I on the bus to Six Flags Theme Park.
Carine (France) and Gabriel (Ecuador) on the bus.
Jamie and Jaime (Canada) on the aircraft.
Natasha (Australia) making the extra flowers useful.
A whole Business Class crew in the bar.
Natasha rowing while Gabriel is the lookout in Central Park.
Carine with diner breakfast.
Lucie (Czech Republic), Justin (USA), Victoria (England), Lachlan (Australia) and I on one of the rides at Six Flags.
Elizabeth (England), Jamie, Elizabeth's boyfriend, Me, Carine and Natasha and Gabriel at the front queuing for one of the rides.
Six Flags entrance.
Mum and sister after shopping at an outlet village.
My sister in the US countryside.
Facepainting in the hotel. It seemed a great idea at the time!
Turtles in Central Park.
Natasha and I with Gabriel rowing.
Mum and sister with the Abercrombie guy.
Mum and sister outside the Hairspray theatre.
Our family sheep. Don't ask!
The Statue of Liberty.